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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I see a proof of the door Hanger before you print it?


You definitely will, we would never print anything without you giving us the final ok to proceed. We will email you a low resolution PDF file for your approval, we can send out a high resolution printed proof copy at an extra charge.


Do I have to choose a design from the categories?


No, these are here to give you some ideas, many of our customers do choose from the categories but we offer a service where we can design a completely bespoke hanger of your choice in both design and shape at an extra cost.


How long does it normally take to receive the Door Hangers?


Our aim is to work on a 10 working day timescale. If you do need them on a fast turnaround this is something we can discuss when you order.


If I do my own artwork how do I have to supply it to you?


We would need the Door Hanger supplied as a high res PDF with a least 5mm bleed to each side, Single page PDF’s if the reverse is different.


Can you convert our logo to single colour if we opt for the budget range?


Yes that shouldn’t be a problem. We have an in house graphic design team that will gladly help.


Can I cancel my order?


You can cancel an order at any stage prior to your approval of the proof. If  you have already paid then we will refund the money.


Do I have to pay upfront?


On a first order we require payment upfront but on subsequent orders we can set up an account with invoices payable within 30 days.


Do I have to pay using the paypal facility on the website?


No you can call us and pay by credit card, online transfer or send a cheque