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Student Hard at Work

Is that coursework piling up? Are you busy revising for that all-important final exam? This door hanger is for those times you need to keep your head in the books and avoid any distraction. Let any visitors know that you’re being a clever clogs and unless they bring you some snacks, you can’t be disturbed!

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Student Hard at Work

Dimensions: 101mm x 275mm

Thickness: 380gsm

Material: Silk board


The Student Hard at Work is designed on door hanger template 6. Available in either a matt or gloss laminate, this bedroom door sign can be customised with the logo and company name of your choice for no extra cost. If required, you can also customise the reverse of your door sign to feature alternate text.


If you would like to design your own do not disturb door hanger, please use door hanger template 1.

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